The Brock Buster is out of a long storage in Arizona and now at Ermish Racing for a full period correct restoration.


About BRE

This website is devoted to preserving the

history of this very special street Datsun 510; a street legal Trans Am car chock full of BRE components that was designed and owned by the legendary Peter Brock.

Modified in the early 70's by BRE and other legends of the Southern California racing scene,  this car is a street legal "sibling"...if you will...of the famous "46" and "85" '71 and '72 2.5 Trans Am Champion 510's campaigned by BRE.



Detailed history of the Brock Buster 510 and this cars unique place in Datsun History and influence on the Japanese car scene. 

History and information on Brock Racing Enterprises, the 2.5 Trans Am Championship and Pete Brock.

The brock buster 510

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"....Pete Brock's Brock Buster - quite a car...quite a kit


"....It seems to be considered the ultimate 510 by Datsun purists...

-Pete Brock"